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We have a range of kids' courses, from full art school courses to mini courses and free videos: Blueberry Beetle on YouTube.

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Ages 5 and up (with help to read).

In this course, we we learn how to draw simple cute mushrooms, fairy mushroom houses and cute, simple fairies.

Ages 6 and up (with help to read).

Learn how to draw supercute (kawaii animals) in this simple course. We will teach you a formula for drawing all sorts of animals and walk you through each one here, step-by-step!

Ages 5 and up (with help to read).

Learn how to draw cute food! In this course, you will learn how to create a cute face and we will show you how to draw each of these foods!

Ages 8 and up.

This course will show you how to draw each of the robot parts and assemble your own 1950's style robot drawing.

Ages 6 and up (with help to read).

Learn how to draw rockets from the 50s! In this course we will look at all of the parts of rockets, so you can copy or assemble your own!

Ages 9 and up (Recommended age 11 and up, as there is a lot of content).

This course will teach young and young-at-heart artists who want to learn how to draw REALISTICALLY.

We will look at how to draw accurately, to check yourself and to shade to make objects look convincing.

This course covers real art school drawing fundamentals that are essential in artist training.

This course needs paper, an eraser (a plastic eraser and optionally a putty (rollable) eraser, and (at least) 5 pencils in a range, such as a 2H OR an H, an HB, a B OR 2B, a 5B OR 6B, and an 8B OR 9B. These are usually available to buy in sets in some supermarkets, variety and homeware stores.

Ages 7 and Up (younger kids may need help reading).

This course will show you how to draw amazing cartoons for animations, games, comics or just for fun.

We will look at simple ways to draw animals, simple people, their expressions and backgrounds.

All you need is some paper, a pencil (preferably a 2B), an eraser and a sharpener. So let's go!